Welcome to Trading Cards

Were excited to introduce our new show, Trading Cards... a round table of stories that highlights the passions and pursuits of our community and showcases our shared way of life.

From success on the brightest stages and playing fields, the joys discovered in outdoor adventures, crafting meaningful art, and the journey of shaping an innovative business…

Here, we stop to explore compelling themes and subjects together as a collective. Each episode is a journey into a new world and a step into a fresh perspective.

Our show features unique segments that provide insight into the process and style of artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and characters alike…

As a community, we are united by uncommon storylines, backgrounds and pursuits. We have strayed from the well-worn path in an effort to protect what makes us human. We celebrate authenticity and originality, embrace a generosity of spirit and recognize those who are interesting and interested.

We’re pleased to invite you around the table, campfire, court side, or from the comfort of our home … as we trade cards with the culture shifters of today.