Filmmaker, Creative Director

Inspired by the infectious beauty of his small home town, Laguna Beach, and the effervescent surf culture surrounding, Connor Brashier started shooting, editing, and directing his own short form vignettes at just 12 years old.

In a matter of years, his love for music manifested into taking lead on creative projects for artists such Shawn Mendes, Kygo, Madison Beer, and Frank Walker to name a few. 2019 kickstarted his presence, joining Shawn’s 104 show tour shooting for his Netflix documentary, ‘In Wonder’ - a journey that would catapult his relationship with Shawn from videographer to the creative director of his 4th studio album, ‘Wonder’.

Following his worldwide endeavors, 2020 presented Connor with a directorial debut, shooting the music video for Kygo’s ‘Like It Is’, further giving him an edge in co-writing the videos for Shawn’s debut singles “Wonder” and “Monster” (featuring Justin Bieber) and co-directing all 13 of Shawn’s TV performances.

22 year old Brashier looks forward to a creative debut in the fashion space approaching 2021, the year he also plans to graduate as a Psychology major at UCLA.

Connor joins us on EP 09 of Barefoot Union. Listen Here